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Abenteuer & Allrad 2015

Dieses Jahr bei 33°C und Sonne keinerei Schlammschlacht ;) Kleine Auswahl von Schnappschüssen…

GoiN in Karenz

Danke, war schön – auch ohne abgerissene Wellen… ;)


tiger2.0 – the 6×6 version of Tigerbus? Hmm…

Video Part 6 uploaded

Stefan Henning, east system music finished movie clip part 6 of tiger2asia-project! Thanks…

Have fun!


Following an invitation by the finish bus drivers we took a small detour from St. Petersburg to Helsinki and experienced 100% Finland in just 5 days :) Now off to Estonia, where again some bus drivers should be waiting at the ferry port, then Riga and Warszaw… then finally Berlin!

Гостеприимство по-русски – Hospitality in Russian

Гостеприимство по-русски – Hospitality in Russian – that’s how unit 5 in my Russian school book is called and that’s exactly what we are experiencing now in St. Peterburg.

A VW vanagon driver from the Russian forum invited us to his home and together with a few other crazy vanagon drivers he organized a barbecue in Kronstadt. Shashlik, vanagons and no(!) vodka.

Viktor took 3 days off and shows us St. Peterburg, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, we are sleeping in his guestroom and we were even able to wash our clothes – sooo nice! :)

Westwards from Sibiria…

From Mongolia to lake Baikal across Sibiria straight to the west! A few detours to the left and to the right, but the evening sun always in the face! :) These are just a few impressions from Russia, as our visa is limiting us badly. We know that we’ll have to come back, dig deeper into Sibiria with a longer visa in the pocket…

Tiger’s running…

Got the gearbox out of customs, Sarah finally arrived in Ulaan Bataar in second attempt, gearbox back in the van and off we went! Took only minutes to cross the border to Russia and we’ve immediately been welcomed by dozens of sibirian moscitos, just as we had imagined :) The offroad plans for Russia have been cancelled, since the real reason for the last gearbox failure could not be resolved. Now we’ll just try to get home and see some Russia while we’re at it :) To sum it up: The Tiger is on the move again!

Small picture from Mongolia, with the G-gear already broken… need to go pretty quick uphill :)