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Thanks to hell driver Maik, we finally managed to pick up our auxiliary fuel/water tanks from MRB near Munich.

We’ve got the first two tanks of the newly developed series with many improved details like capacitive level sender for the water tank, modified form for better offroad handling, simplified mounting and most importantly: perfect tank venting. We are now happy owners of 85ltr additional storange capacity for water and diesel – each!

We sincerely thank Martin of MRB-Fahrzeugtechnik and of course Maik for todays crazy 1200km pick-up action.

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  1. Marcos Marcos
    December 4, 2011    


    they look fine!

    any photo installed in the syncro?

    best regards!

  2. December 4, 2011    

    Hiya, unfortunately not yet – I guess by the end of next week they should be under the car :) Hoping to have time enough to document everything…

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