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The Master of Engineering exam is over, which leads us straight into 2 weeks of hardcore preparations for the tiger2asia trip.

Our vanagon is in desperate need of a quick metamorphosis from a standard transport vehicle of the former German Postal Service into the reliable expedition minibus we have been waiting for so long. We’ve got only two weeks, so the priority is on hardware offroad compatibility while luxury items like a bed or storage room come last.

First of all, the Weinsberg rood needs to be severely strengthend, as it has obviously been designed to ride in comfort on German autobahn, not thousands of kilometers of rough terrain as we expected it. All hinges, flanges and basically the complete hardware below the outer shell has been replaced and strengthend. Additionally, a set of auxiliary lights has been integrated to compensate the missing civilisation and its permanent ambient light. These were the most important points on our wishlist after last years trip to Russia.

Fernscheinwerfer Hella Jumbo 320

One of the brighter news these days: We finally got our hands on a set of FOUR heavy duty snowchains! Thanks to my father these snow chains are not only standard snowchains, but top of the line by PEWAG Austria, specifically designed to be used on snow and in offraod situations. Mud and gravel is what these chains love to work on. The idea behind those is: We’ll rather travel with some all-terain type tires for improved road performance and have the fallback option to use these chains in very heavy offraod situations instead of vibrating around the world on a set of clunky mud-terrain tires. We’ll see how this will work out. Since we’ll hit the hard winter first, we opted for the chains instead of mud-terrain. Btw, thanks again to Ms. Gutschi of PEWAG Austria and Mr. Linnig of PEWAG Germany… and my father, who settled the rather substantial financial issues…. :)

Pewag Forstmeister FM80 Schneeketten

The next (and last!) week will hopefully bring electric installations, some water piping and maybe even a bed into the bus. Let’s hope for the best. Additionally we’ll throw all the things we might want to take with us into my mothers living room, so we’re sure that she’ll be pretty happy to finally see us leave :)

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  1. Jurek/Georg Jurek/Georg
    December 27, 2011    

    I’m from Krakow/Poland. I have two VW T 3 Syncros. 1.9tdi and 1.6td (only 120000km). I now many Syncros owners in Poland. You team is very welcome im my home (Krakow).
    Best regards
    Phone: +48 602 632 093
    SKYPE: Jurek_Kapusta

  2. sarah sarah
    January 6, 2012    

    Thank you very much for your invitation, Jurek! :)

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